08 July 2011

Summer in the Sun

Well not the whole summer. Just took a week off with my youngest daughter. We took a road trip to see her siblings in Idaho, and their families. Weather has been terrific so far. We are enjoying our time together and with the families here. Could it be better? Only if my sweetheart was able to come too. Love being around my children and my grandchildren. The best of both worlds. When I go home I have several projects that are waiting for me to get around to them. Hmmm.... burprags, receiving blankets, I even have a denimn jacket calling my name. Yes, summer is here and so are the trips and the returning home blues and the fun that actually comes from getting back to work. My sweethearts surgery took less time than we thought but more time than I realized it would of mine. Am I looking forward to him being able to retire in just a year or two? YES, bring it on I love being around him twenty four seven. Sweetheart (Wayne) if you read this I am talking about you. You are the BEST.

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