23 August 2008

Jam's and jellies

Well,Rebecca and I, we made some fig jam, fig/strawberry and fig/blueberry jams. Tasty!. Then Wayne and I got some peaches, Danica so kindly picked for us, and I dried bananas and then peaches. Also made peach jam. I want to pick up a few frozen berries and make a batch or two and call it GOOD.

Haven't even touched the sewing machine or embroidery machine since we got home from the trip. Seems like I have just hung out and did things that have been put off. Now I want to get myself back into the grove and do more on the embroidery machine. I have several ideas in my head of things I want to do and designs I am itching to try out. So, as soon as I get the next free day off, to the embroidery sweet to work on my projects. I will post as soon as the next projects are done.

08 August 2008

Vacation is over (sadness and tears)

Well the vaction is over and we are back at the grind. We enjoyed spending time with the children and grandchildren. Now we are back at work and trying to get things done before the fall is here and we are out of time for outdoor activities. The picture is one of Miss Purple Pickle trouble herself. She is the reason for the Whole Purple Pickle Designs in the first place. Another story for another day. Oh, just a note she is wearing an embroidery design by me of course. Her mother wanted a cute little piece to add to a creation she made for the little lady in question.