24 May 2010

Well, I guess I had better say something about not saying anything.

Life happens quickly. Life brings changes and busy days. I feel like this year I have went from one crisis to another. I have embroidered things and made things but, so far most of them have made it to their new owners without being photographed and put on the blog. Now I am finishing up with the piano lessons for the summer. I have lessons to give on Mon, Tues, Wed and next Mon. Then I am done for the summer. I have about 5 projects started and several projects finished. I will post pictures of those as soon as possible.

I can promise that it will take a little time, right now I try to keep alot of time open to go visit my niece who is stuck in the hospital for an extended amount of time. She is 27 weeks and counting trying very hard to keep calm, cool and collected to keep from having her precious cargo to soon. So you will have to forgive me if picture posting takes second, third or fourth place to the being on call to visit my niece.

I pray that your days are smooth sailing and your dreams and projects are being completed at record speed.