09 June 2008

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Bee and the Butterfly

Busy times

Well life has been busy around my house. I have been doing some embroidery, no I didn't get pictures of everything. I will post the pictures as I have time. I am enjoying getting to do all of the embroidery. I have made several cute jackets for grandchildren and other burprags and receiving blankets. I enjoy making so many different things on the embroidery machines. Hope you aren't giving up on seeing those pictures.

I am also hoping for some warmer weather, I am getting very tired of the cool weather here in the Pacific Northwest. I know that cool weather and rain keep the beautiful green in our area, but we are now fighting the jungle in our back yard. So, trying to get to mow the yard while the grass is dry is getting to be a challenge and since I am challenged enough trying to do yard work (I don't enjoy yard work and seem to pull the wrong things out of the flower beds, does keep me out of most of them by my husband) but I do enjoy going out and talking to him while he is working and like to take out my handwork when possible. But, this cool, wet weather is keeping me indoors.

I am hoping that you are finding this summer a pleasure and time to get everything done that you need to get done. Have a wonderful summer and I will try to get back soon with pictures and ideas for summer.