16 December 2010

Christmas gifts

This has been a fun month. Getting things made for gifts, giving gifts and just enjoying friends and family. These are tissue holders. You know those small plastic packages of tissue that get lost in your purse, or bag and you can't find them. Well here is your answer. Made from felt, then decorated with embroidery floss and buttons. What a fun way to spend an evening or two.

23 November 2010

I am Thankful for this year

This has been a great year. We have visited children and grandchildren several times out of state. We have had children and grandchildren stay with us several weeks this year. We have taken trips to the coast and saw the beauty and peace of the ocean.
I have learned many things this year about myself about the world and about how grateful I am for what I have. I am grateful that our eldest and her son were able to come over and go to the temple with us as he prepared to leave for his mission in the Arizona Tempe Mission. We are excited and happy with his choice to serve for two years.
I am grateful that Wayne (my husband) has a job and it pays our bills, allows us to pay our tithes and offerings, take trips, help children and do the things that we can.
I am grateful for birthday parties for grandchildren, trips to the coast, babysitting children that are here and so many things that I can't even remember now.
I am grateful that I was able to make composition books, burp rags and receiving blankets, embroider and make a dress for a cute little pixie. So many things to reflect on for this year.
I am grateful that I am happy and that I have felt true joy this year.

27 July 2010

Composition books

These work well for Gratitude books, journals, keeping notes or track of things you need to do. Lots of fun to make and very functional too.

Busy summer! I am having lots of fun!

Updates: Niece had baby boy, he was 2 pounds 6 ounces. Mom and baby doing fine. Today I believe the cute little boy is about 4 pounds 9 ounces. Not bad for about four weeks old. Mommy delivered at 29 weeks 2 days I think.

We have had 1 vacation with another coming up this week, we have had 3 of our older Idaho grandchildren over. The last one our 12 year old granddaughter has kept Wayne and I very busy. She loves to shop and go go go all the time. She wakes in the morning jumps up and says "where are we going and what are we doing today?" Makes one very tired. One of our daughters (not the teens mom) is coming over this weekend to spend a couple of weeks and when she goes home she will take the teen with her. I am missing them all already. I have been doing some crocheting and will post the pictures for you. Mostly I have just made burp rags this time. The other projects - sorry no pictures.

I am still keeping busy with church activities. This August our Mom and Daughter night. We will have a dinner, and crafts. One of which is covering Composition books for whatever you want to use it for. They turn out so cute and so different from anyone elses. Pretty and functional too. Might even have to put in a picture of these too. Hmm, my sister (Cindy) made some the other day I will post one or two of her pictures to give you an idea. She is very creative and fun to

24 May 2010

Well, I guess I had better say something about not saying anything.

Life happens quickly. Life brings changes and busy days. I feel like this year I have went from one crisis to another. I have embroidered things and made things but, so far most of them have made it to their new owners without being photographed and put on the blog. Now I am finishing up with the piano lessons for the summer. I have lessons to give on Mon, Tues, Wed and next Mon. Then I am done for the summer. I have about 5 projects started and several projects finished. I will post pictures of those as soon as possible.

I can promise that it will take a little time, right now I try to keep alot of time open to go visit my niece who is stuck in the hospital for an extended amount of time. She is 27 weeks and counting trying very hard to keep calm, cool and collected to keep from having her precious cargo to soon. So you will have to forgive me if picture posting takes second, third or fourth place to the being on call to visit my niece.

I pray that your days are smooth sailing and your dreams and projects are being completed at record speed.

02 January 2010

New Year and much I want to do.

The New Year has come and my goal for this year is make lots of things. I want to make so many things, lots of projects. My sister and I would even like to sell things at a Bazaar this year. So, I am hoping to get many things done. It has been a very busy Christmas and New Year already. We welcomed a brand new Grandson (he is more than just cute, but I might be prejudiced on that). Visited with 4 of our 5 children and their families. Eaten out more than I care to remember (that's because for a good week I was feeling to crummy to cook) and had a great time. I didn't finish all of my projects... I will get them done this year. I need to get copies of some of my projects and put them online (some of the gifts were given before I took pictures) So... those I will have to beg pictures from the owners. But, life is good. Talking with one of my sisters I was reminded how blessed I was this year. My husband is working, we have a home and a car (it was paid off this month) and so many things to be greatful for. So many have no homes, no jobs, and feel that all is hopeless. Let me tell you world it is not hopeless there is hope and there is a God and he knows and loves each and every one of us. If you doubt it, just look at our world and see the beauty of it. Look at a baby and listen to it's laughter and see the delight of a mother holding her precious new born. Yes, I have a whole list of wonderful things to feel greatful for. May your New Year be filled with hope, love and a greater understanding of all that you do have in your life.