10 November 2008

31 October 2008

Here is a new book out that I am going to read. You might find it interesting too. It is by a new author, my daughter, naw I am not a proud parent. Check it out. Book is available on line at several sites: PublishAmerica.com; Barnes and Nobel; and Amazon.com. I know it is at those sites

15 October 2008

Thought it might be fun!

I thought it might be fun to see who comes to the site regularly. To see maybe what people are interested in and to see if they have thoughts or ideas perhaps about embroidery or items I crochet. We will see, if you sign up as a follower. Give it a try. Thanks

05 October 2008

Lions and Frogs

I am having a great time making unique items for sale. It is exciting to be able to put together ideas and designs and have them turn out to be new and different each time. I enjoy making new and different sets everytime, it never seems to get old and boring, it is fresh and new each time. Hope you enjoy seeing the pictures of my new creations as much as I enjoy making them.

24 September 2008


All ready for take off!

10 September 2008

Fall is nearly here!

Well fall is nearly here and I am not ready for the cooler weather! I must admit that lots of things are trying to get into the way of my embroidery projects! I just am not going to let it happen any longer! Monday I was able to get one of my newest projects done and took a picture - well the camera let me get one picture and not the best before it decided it needed to charge. Well, my husband is in charge of the camera and he still hasn't plugged it in. But I will post the one I have for now and change it to a better one or add a better one later. Hope the weather is to your liking in your neck of the woods and you are keeping up with your many activities and challenges.

23 August 2008

Jam's and jellies

Well,Rebecca and I, we made some fig jam, fig/strawberry and fig/blueberry jams. Tasty!. Then Wayne and I got some peaches, Danica so kindly picked for us, and I dried bananas and then peaches. Also made peach jam. I want to pick up a few frozen berries and make a batch or two and call it GOOD.

Haven't even touched the sewing machine or embroidery machine since we got home from the trip. Seems like I have just hung out and did things that have been put off. Now I want to get myself back into the grove and do more on the embroidery machine. I have several ideas in my head of things I want to do and designs I am itching to try out. So, as soon as I get the next free day off, to the embroidery sweet to work on my projects. I will post as soon as the next projects are done.

08 August 2008

Vacation is over (sadness and tears)

Well the vaction is over and we are back at the grind. We enjoyed spending time with the children and grandchildren. Now we are back at work and trying to get things done before the fall is here and we are out of time for outdoor activities. The picture is one of Miss Purple Pickle trouble herself. She is the reason for the Whole Purple Pickle Designs in the first place. Another story for another day. Oh, just a note she is wearing an embroidery design by me of course. Her mother wanted a cute little piece to add to a creation she made for the little lady in question.

14 July 2008

Too busy to do anything!

It seems like I get too busy to do anything, I have been making more of the same things, burprags and receiving blankets. I am finishing another jacket up for another lucky little boy. I will put that on as soon as I get it done. The rest of my time is spent with house work and teaching piano lessons. I am about done with the piano lessons for the summer and then it all starts over again in September. I enjoy it all so I can't complain and will keep adding things as time permits.

07 July 2008

The 4th of July

Well we made it through another year of fireworks. Watching the grandchildren with sparklers is enough to put me on STRESS OVERLOAD. It isn't that they do anything wrong- they just wave them around, twist in circles and get way to close to each other. Uncle Vern jumped up and put a sparkler out with his hand to prevent one of the littlest ones from burning two other ones. I was surprised at how fast he could jump up out of the chair and move. He thought it was just too bad that we didn't drink beer because he felt he could have used at least one. The barbeque was great, the food was great, desserts too. We enjoyed the time we spent with our children, their spouses and the grandchildren. It was a wonderful day.

Now how can I possibly thank all of those men and women who gave their lives for this wonderful freedom we have. I feel like they deserve way more than they are getting. The seperation from their families, friends and country. The loss of arms, legs, eyes, organs and lives we just don't recognize and honor them enough. I am truly greatful to the wonderful parents of those children, they loved, honored, taught, respected and loved their children just as I do mine.

Thanks isn't enough but it is all I can give you right now, Thank you and may God bless you and yours until we meet again in a far better place than here.

09 June 2008

here are some more ideas

Bee and the Butterfly

Busy times

Well life has been busy around my house. I have been doing some embroidery, no I didn't get pictures of everything. I will post the pictures as I have time. I am enjoying getting to do all of the embroidery. I have made several cute jackets for grandchildren and other burprags and receiving blankets. I enjoy making so many different things on the embroidery machines. Hope you aren't giving up on seeing those pictures.

I am also hoping for some warmer weather, I am getting very tired of the cool weather here in the Pacific Northwest. I know that cool weather and rain keep the beautiful green in our area, but we are now fighting the jungle in our back yard. So, trying to get to mow the yard while the grass is dry is getting to be a challenge and since I am challenged enough trying to do yard work (I don't enjoy yard work and seem to pull the wrong things out of the flower beds, does keep me out of most of them by my husband) but I do enjoy going out and talking to him while he is working and like to take out my handwork when possible. But, this cool, wet weather is keeping me indoors.

I am hoping that you are finding this summer a pleasure and time to get everything done that you need to get done. Have a wonderful summer and I will try to get back soon with pictures and ideas for summer.

10 May 2008

Have you heard?

I just heard of a site that says to help fight world hunger 20 grains of rice at a time. Go to www.freerice.com then see how well you do at knowing words, check your vocabulary. It is fun, and hopefully we can feed the world 20 grains of rice at a time!

23 April 2008

Learning more everyday

I seem to be learning more everyday. Not just about embroidery, and skills like that, but about life itself. I have learned that life is a journey - yes I know you know that, so did I - but it is a journey of many things to learn, about ones self, about family, friends and a whole world of fun things like crafts, religion, music (I have started giving piano lessons again, and I find I am loving it more than the first few times I did it), books movies and life in general. So, it isn't enough that I am making and selling embroidery and crochet items, I am teaching children to love and enjoy music (at least I am hoping that comes through in the lessons)I hope that these children - young adults are enjoying the learning too. I am greatful that I can continue to learn everyday and find out more about myself, my family, friends and others! Hope you have fun on your journey through life and learn all that you can and enjoy each and every day while you are on your way!

10 April 2008

denim dress

Change the look of some of your older yet favorite clothes by adding an embroidery design

Denim Jackets

Dragonfly, flowers and a pretty smile.

Whether it is a simple one color design or multicolored design, embroidery adds to your clothing and makes it one of a kind. Even boys and men enjoy having something new and different on their clothes.

25 March 2008

Cowboys are fun to have around. This is another burprag. The receiving blanket has the cowboy in the corner same as this one.
Special order - Personalized receiving blanket and matching burp cloth.

13 March 2008

Embroidery designs

My children have been encouraging me to start showing my designs and projects to more people. You know how that goes when your children think you are great (to be honest just how often does that happen). So they encouraged me to go on line and at least start to blog about my designs.

Well, here goes! I have been embroidering and crocheting things for several years. I first started out embroidering by hand and making hand crocheted edges. Well, I found out about embroidery machines and I was hooked. So now I spend several hours each week on the embroidery machine creating beautiful projects. I love doing it and have a great time too. I hope you enjoy looking at my creations and feel free to contact me, I do take special orders.

Check back often because I will be adding different things as I do them.


05 March 2008


Jeans with a dragon on the outside leg.

I make matching receiving blankets and burp clothes.

Twin Flannel Blanket. Has Curious George and some animal pairs around the outside.
**Special Order*

Denim Jacket with a design on the back.

Crochet Items

These are some little girls booties.

These are some of the headbands I can create.