30 March 2009

Hearts and more hearts

If you enlarge the picture you can see the several different layers of hearts in white and then the lavender hearts on the outside. For a baby that is very loved!

16 March 2009

If I only had more time!

Well March is half over and I am still sewing and embroidering projects. This last week a friend of ours had a baby shower. I had made her a set of burprags and receiving blanket (the lady bugs with the white edge) and my daughter (who likes Amber too) decided she wanted to make some too. So I did the sewing (she only did part of the sewing that is too stressful)and she crocheted around them. I was so impressed that she did them (she did them very well too), she made two sets for Amber and 2 sets for her sister, Plus she wanted to tie two baby quilts so we did (again I did the sewing she did the tieing). Then, I wasn't sewing fast enough so she made two baby blankets (crocheted we know an easy quick pattern) for on the carseat.

Well, I am getting into the groove now so I am making some very simple burprags (spit happens, little princess, happy baby) no crocheted edges, and a small receiving blanket for each one. These are for the Headstart program in our community. Our women's organization (Relief Society) makes things for different groups off and on all year long. They are making flannel boards with animals, magnetic boards with shapes and numbers, little books for counting and lots of other things too. Someone in our church noticed that I had been playing the piano in the Children's organization (Primary) for several years now (over 4 this time) so they moved me to the Relief Society and decided I needed to be the 2nd coun. over Enrichment meeting. So, I am now going to be making alot more things- which is good, I have decided keeping very busy makes me happy, keeps me young, and keeps me out of trouble. Keep watching, I will add some new pictures soon. Vickie :)

02 March 2009

Learning more ways to have fun with embroidery.

I am having alot of fun! This is for the Bride to be (my sister Cindy) I thought it turned out pretty cute and now have ideas for all kinds of sayings on T-shirts, onsies, camisoles and more.