25 July 2012

It's Summertime at last!

Boy am I slow at getting things done. Piano is done until September! Had a wonderful recital with 16 of my students playing. We had nearly 100 people attend (Wayne says 100 were there, I only figured about 80), but the kids did well. Now I am recouperating from my total knee replacement. I am nearly 8 weeks out from that. I cannot tell you how much better I feel now. I still hurt occassionaly but nothing like before. I am even riding a bike at physical therapy. That is pretty great news to me because I haven't been able to do that with any comfort for years! I know I haven't blogged or shown any pictures of projects in a long time. I am still doing embroidery. The latest were towels for children who were getting baptized. They turned out great and were lots of fun to do. Simple really saying "My baptismal towel" on one end and their names on the other. All of the kids that I have made them for (and given them to) have loved them. I am working on some baby burp rags and receiving blankets for a baby being born in August. Now if I can just find the camera, I will be able to snap pictures of them when they are done. Life is full of ups and downs, joys and frusterations. I am hoping that as you move through this summer you will take time to smell the roses and enjoy all of the ups and joys along with the downs and frusterations. Life is great and boy do I enjoy everyday of it. Hope you do too. Keep in touch I will try to be back soon with pictures.

24 October 2011

It's fall time again

Well, it is fall and what has happened around here that I have failed to keep up with. I have been sewing. Pictures, no I forgot. Just rest assured that the embroidery machine is busy on a less than I like frequency. My piano students started contacting me sooner this year and I am now up to twenty. Busy times. I go to their homes because it works into our schedule better. I think honestly it is so I don't have to clean house as much. Maybe that is a little too much information for the world to know. Forgive me.

I have started work on Christmas items and I will have to take pictures and post those at a later date. I don't want some of those who will be receiving them to see them before the big day.

I am also loosing weight. It was time and it is coming off. Slower than I would like but coming off just the same. I have lost 50 pounds and I feel so much better.

Finally I just want to warn you that life after children and being over 50 does not mean that life slows down. I thought by now I would be able to do all of the things that I thought I could be doing after the children are gone from home. Nope, it doesn't happen. My life is just as busy and more confusing than before. But, I must be honest and tell you that my life, aside from aches and pains and not doing quite what it did before, is better than ever. I love where I am at in my life and I truly enjoy each of my children and the wonderful Grandchildren. From the oldest grandchild (21 and on a mission for our church) down to the youngest who will be born in January, I love them all. This little bundle will be grandchild number 15, where has the time gone so quickly. Ramble is over I just feel so blessed today I just had to share, soon I will dash off to pick up a grandaughter from Kindergarten, her mommy had to work today. Life just doesn't get much better than this.

A Happy, slimmer, busy and enjoying it grandmother.

08 July 2011

Summer in the Sun

Well not the whole summer. Just took a week off with my youngest daughter. We took a road trip to see her siblings in Idaho, and their families. Weather has been terrific so far. We are enjoying our time together and with the families here. Could it be better? Only if my sweetheart was able to come too. Love being around my children and my grandchildren. The best of both worlds. When I go home I have several projects that are waiting for me to get around to them. Hmmm.... burprags, receiving blankets, I even have a denimn jacket calling my name. Yes, summer is here and so are the trips and the returning home blues and the fun that actually comes from getting back to work. My sweethearts surgery took less time than we thought but more time than I realized it would of mine. Am I looking forward to him being able to retire in just a year or two? YES, bring it on I love being around him twenty four seven. Sweetheart (Wayne) if you read this I am talking about you. You are the BEST.

02 June 2011

Finally a picture!

Life is busy and full of surprises. Another set done hopefully you like it baby Esther does.

20 April 2011

well what have I forgotten this time

Well it has been such a long time since I posted an update. Been making burp rags and receiving blankets, been watching grandchildren, I have taught piano lessons and been tending a husband with neck surgery. Is life ever slow around my house... no mostly it is not. I just haven't made the time to post or show pictures of things I have done. Keep watching I will do better. Hopefully by the end of May I will have my act together and pictures for you to see and more importantly a better update on happenings.

The slow moving Purple Pickle design team of one... Vickie

01 January 2011

Happy New Year

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year. I am thinking it is a year of adventures and happy times with friends and family. I am thinking good thoughts for time to accomplish all that needs to be done and having a great year. Wishing that for all of you too.

16 December 2010

Christmas gifts

This has been a fun month. Getting things made for gifts, giving gifts and just enjoying friends and family. These are tissue holders. You know those small plastic packages of tissue that get lost in your purse, or bag and you can't find them. Well here is your answer. Made from felt, then decorated with embroidery floss and buttons. What a fun way to spend an evening or two.