02 September 2009

Summer is over!

Summer is over and boy have I had a great summer. I was lucky enough to go and visit my daughters and their families. I have some pretty great kids all 5 of them. I was lucky enough to have a new grandaughter born in June... 10 pounds 3 oz. She is a big girl, healthy, happy and beautiful. I start teaching piano again next week and I have been doing some embroidery work too. This week our oldest grandson is spending the week with us... I have received hugs and kisses what a big treat. Since he is a big guy now, 6'2" and handsome to boot. I think I like having them come and spend time with me like this. Maybe next summer the next in age will get to come for a week. They grow so fast and then they are gone starting their own life... nope I am not going to get maudlin I am happy to have the time with each one of my children and grandchildren I am blessed truly blessed.