25 July 2012

It's Summertime at last!

Boy am I slow at getting things done. Piano is done until September! Had a wonderful recital with 16 of my students playing. We had nearly 100 people attend (Wayne says 100 were there, I only figured about 80), but the kids did well. Now I am recouperating from my total knee replacement. I am nearly 8 weeks out from that. I cannot tell you how much better I feel now. I still hurt occassionaly but nothing like before. I am even riding a bike at physical therapy. That is pretty great news to me because I haven't been able to do that with any comfort for years! I know I haven't blogged or shown any pictures of projects in a long time. I am still doing embroidery. The latest were towels for children who were getting baptized. They turned out great and were lots of fun to do. Simple really saying "My baptismal towel" on one end and their names on the other. All of the kids that I have made them for (and given them to) have loved them. I am working on some baby burp rags and receiving blankets for a baby being born in August. Now if I can just find the camera, I will be able to snap pictures of them when they are done. Life is full of ups and downs, joys and frusterations. I am hoping that as you move through this summer you will take time to smell the roses and enjoy all of the ups and joys along with the downs and frusterations. Life is great and boy do I enjoy everyday of it. Hope you do too. Keep in touch I will try to be back soon with pictures.