31 October 2008

Here is a new book out that I am going to read. You might find it interesting too. It is by a new author, my daughter, naw I am not a proud parent. Check it out. Book is available on line at several sites: PublishAmerica.com; Barnes and Nobel; and Amazon.com. I know it is at those sites

15 October 2008

Thought it might be fun!

I thought it might be fun to see who comes to the site regularly. To see maybe what people are interested in and to see if they have thoughts or ideas perhaps about embroidery or items I crochet. We will see, if you sign up as a follower. Give it a try. Thanks

05 October 2008

Lions and Frogs

I am having a great time making unique items for sale. It is exciting to be able to put together ideas and designs and have them turn out to be new and different each time. I enjoy making new and different sets everytime, it never seems to get old and boring, it is fresh and new each time. Hope you enjoy seeing the pictures of my new creations as much as I enjoy making them.