23 April 2008

Learning more everyday

I seem to be learning more everyday. Not just about embroidery, and skills like that, but about life itself. I have learned that life is a journey - yes I know you know that, so did I - but it is a journey of many things to learn, about ones self, about family, friends and a whole world of fun things like crafts, religion, music (I have started giving piano lessons again, and I find I am loving it more than the first few times I did it), books movies and life in general. So, it isn't enough that I am making and selling embroidery and crochet items, I am teaching children to love and enjoy music (at least I am hoping that comes through in the lessons)I hope that these children - young adults are enjoying the learning too. I am greatful that I can continue to learn everyday and find out more about myself, my family, friends and others! Hope you have fun on your journey through life and learn all that you can and enjoy each and every day while you are on your way!

10 April 2008

denim dress

Change the look of some of your older yet favorite clothes by adding an embroidery design

Denim Jackets

Dragonfly, flowers and a pretty smile.

Whether it is a simple one color design or multicolored design, embroidery adds to your clothing and makes it one of a kind. Even boys and men enjoy having something new and different on their clothes.