02 January 2010

New Year and much I want to do.

The New Year has come and my goal for this year is make lots of things. I want to make so many things, lots of projects. My sister and I would even like to sell things at a Bazaar this year. So, I am hoping to get many things done. It has been a very busy Christmas and New Year already. We welcomed a brand new Grandson (he is more than just cute, but I might be prejudiced on that). Visited with 4 of our 5 children and their families. Eaten out more than I care to remember (that's because for a good week I was feeling to crummy to cook) and had a great time. I didn't finish all of my projects... I will get them done this year. I need to get copies of some of my projects and put them online (some of the gifts were given before I took pictures) So... those I will have to beg pictures from the owners. But, life is good. Talking with one of my sisters I was reminded how blessed I was this year. My husband is working, we have a home and a car (it was paid off this month) and so many things to be greatful for. So many have no homes, no jobs, and feel that all is hopeless. Let me tell you world it is not hopeless there is hope and there is a God and he knows and loves each and every one of us. If you doubt it, just look at our world and see the beauty of it. Look at a baby and listen to it's laughter and see the delight of a mother holding her precious new born. Yes, I have a whole list of wonderful things to feel greatful for. May your New Year be filled with hope, love and a greater understanding of all that you do have in your life.